About Me

I am a renowned Caribbean Business Coach, Strategist and Consultant, based in Trinidad and Tobago, who has also been operating across the English-speaking Caribbean Region for the past two years. I have supported more than 500 entrepreneurs across three key markets to develop a winning mindset, with clients reporting as much as 25% in new business growth, 50% increase in profitability and 35% in new sales and clients. I work one on one with entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level, I am highly sought after because of my wealth of experience, my dynamic approach and genuine interest in seeing my clients grow the business of their dreams.

I am also an avid Writer having contributed to many regional publications including Caribbean Beat (Trinidad & Tobago), Maco Magazine (Barbados/Trinidad& Tobago), SHE Caribbean (St. Lucia) and Shabeau (Barbados).

I completed my Coach certification at the Master Coach University in the USA, and also have a MA in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester and a BA in English Literature from the University of the West Indies, Barbados. My training and development includes a Diploma in Internet Journalism, a Certificate in Project Management, and Certificates in Crisis Management & Communications and Brand Management from the University of California.

Having worked across a wide array of Sectors, I have held several senior positions in finance, banking, education, publishing, advertising, FMCG and recruitment. I have also worked in the United Kingdom and most recently across Government in Trinidad & Tobago at the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, and the Office of the Financial Services Ombudsman.

I am also an active volunteer, mentoring youth entrepreneurs involved in start-ups across all sectors from technology to food and beverage. In 2016, I became a mentor with Women Innovators of the Caribbean Acceleration Program (WINCAP TT) 2016 as well as Youth Business Trinidad & Tobago (YBTT).

Working with me as you coach you will experience

  • Clarity on why you are ready to make this change
  • Identify your mental and emotional barriers that are holding you back from your own success and then work together to remove them
  • Understand and get in front of your ideal clients
  • Develop strategies and systems that will generate the income even while you sleep
  • Build a strong team to grow your business
  • Overcome money obstacles and attract money to you

Through weekly accountability, feedback, support, mentorship and strategy sessions

Are you ready? Because I have been in exactly the same position as you are just one year ago, I understand the frustration you are feeling and can guide you over the next 90 days. Are you ready?


1. Why should I trust you? - Because I have been exactly where you are right now and understand your fears. I was able to take charge of my obstacles and throw them out the door and I want to help you do the same thing and enjoy the same success. But the result is really up to the amount of work you put in.

2. Why should I care? - Because you know that you deserve a better life and you desperately want to make a difference, spend more time with your family, pay your bills without worrying and set your own time and pace for work.

3. How is that possible? - By setting realistic goals and taking massive action to make it happen. If you work hard, remain focused and obsessed with achieving your goal, then there is nothing to stop you except you!

4. How will it work? - By setting a 90 day goal and breaking it down into smaller attainable, measurable tasks so that you do not feel overwhelmed and you can manage your activities while moving at a pace that is comfortable for you. Setting a 90 day goal is long enough for you to make a substantial change yet short enough for you to visualize your change.

5. Why can’t I just buy any other similar product or service? - Who says you can’t? But what is really stopping you from signing up today and creating the life you want with my programme?

6. How can I be sure this will work for me? - There are no promises. This will only work if you are serious, committed, focussed and passionate about your goal and are willing to do the ground work to make it your reality. Having passion is just not enough. Have a clear goal and doing whatever needs to be done to make it a reality is the only way this will work. You have to put in the work.

7. Has anyone else done this? - Many other entrepreneurs have worked closely with me to change their lives in just 90 days and so can you once you commit to the programme. Click here.

8. How much does it cost? - For 90 days you get 1 on 1 coaching from me with weekly assignments and tools to keep you moving forward towards living your dream. You get what you put in. Start now.