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It’s all about you and how dynamic you and your business will become. Because you know what you want and you know how big you want your business to grow, you are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.


  • Living the life you always knew you wanted
  • Having financial freedom and not being stuck behind a desk Monday to Friday
  • Not answering to a boss but being the boss of your day and your own destiny
  • Be fully available for your family and your kids because you set your own hours
  • Managing your day and your time around what is important to you
  • And making your business work for you instead of you working for your business

If that’s not enough to make you jump on board then I don’t know what else there could be!

Get the secret of so many successful entrepreneurs before you. Let the world see all that you have to offer and go brave! (I have got your back every step of the way)


I had the distinct honor of being coached by Adanna Austin just 2 weeks after i started my business. I found my $800 to be a participant in the 6-week business coaching package she was offering this past October. From day 1 - PACE!!! OMG!!! But i liked it because it pushed be out of my comfort zone QUICKLY!!! The phone calls and emails aided in keeping me right on track with my goals and my daily affirmations kept my confidence up. It wasn't without its challenges but I was able to rise above with not only having Adanna as a coach but as a great listener. She is one of the best there is and I would highly recommend her services. Success is a guarantee once you follow her tried, tested and proven methods. She's a boss!

Abby Alex Dick
Tours Benies Rental Services

Adanna Austin is the consummate professional who I consider to be a subject matter expert on everything business. She is nurturing, yet firm, soft spoken, yet very confident and self-assured. Her deep-seated passion for what she does is her driving force for going the extra mile to ensure all her clients also excel in their business and personal life. She has transformed my dreams into reality in just two short months. In fact after my first session and first set of "homework" I began to see changes in how I think, operate and attract more abundance to my life. I am more organized and focused. Before I knew it, the missing pieces started to fall into place like a dream. I was able to remove restrictions to what I can do and what I can create in my business. What I thought out of reach and impossible, suddenly was not an issue. Her coaching group (Dynamic Business Strategist) on Facebook was also able to put me in touch with like-minded clients and exactly what she promised last December is coming to pass, "You are super talented Lyn and I have the utmost faith in you. We are going to ensure that you always have work and we will make 2016 rock!!" Thank you Adanna. You have truly found your calling. Don't ever stop.

Carolyn Correia
Author, Communications Consultant & Speaker
HIC Omega Consulting​

Working with Adanna was a breath of fresh air to me. She not only helped me define my business goals and determine my ideal client, but she understood how I work best and used that approach to propel me further. I know 2017 will be a great year.

Sian Cuffy-Young
Managing Director and Principal Consultant
Siel Environmental Services Limited

So I'm at Rituals Movie Towne awaiting to meet a Sales Rep. and I can't help but smile as I'm very excited of how my Business Coach helped channeled me on the right path.

I totally recommend Adanna and team for business coaching. It’s worth every penny!!!

Micah Alfred
Managing Director
Nahum Media Limited

She's a superstar. She knows how to dig deep to root out your passion. She is real a dynamic. Thank you Adanna, first week of coaching and I on. I will recommend her to anyone in need of a business coach and accountability partner. She says she doesn't like numbers but you can sure count on her to push you. Keep it Simple Sexy.

Letetia Superville-Barratt
Financial Consultant
Destiny Planners